The Gathering of the Rainbow Tribe: New Age delusions and rude Awakenings

by fxwrk

Sacred Space in Time

There are certain realities that must be addressed in order for the world to move forward as One. These realities have been created by the super-conscious agreement of large soul-groups comprised of smaller collectivities and individuals inhabiting this planet, engaged in a mutually beneficial karmic drama drawn out over many hundreds and thousands of years. The origins of this passion play are lost in mists of time, subject to multitudinous explications and storied retellings, but the ramifications of it remain with us.

The world we live in is an end result of the diffusion of the world’s people from one location upon the planet to many, according to both scientists and mythologists. According to American Indian lore, each group was given a charge relating to the 4 directions and other esoteric correspondences. Succinctly, the yellow race was sent East and given charge of wind and so became knowledgeable about all things having…

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